A crazy world

Those living today may question whether what is happening all around them is normal. Everything we see around us might have our brains either working or defeat with stupidity. Lots of things we can not consider any more “normal“.

As children, we grew up with rules and customs and were supposed to respect elders. Today, all respect has disappeared and there is no place for rank or station.

Photograph of Earth, taken by the Apollo 17 mission. The Arabian peninsula, Africa and Madagascar lie in the lower half of the disc, whereas Antarctica is at the top.
Planet Earth as seen from space beyond low Earth orbit, with its facing side fully illuminated by sunlight. The image is a widely used photograph of Earth called The Blue Marble.[
We may not be blind for what is going on on this planet earth. We must see how everything is being manipulated and how information is being twisted or kept from the public as long as possible.

Those in certain areas want to conquer even more land and control people. To this end, they use all kinds of lies and manipulate the media to send as much disinformation and propaganda into the world as possible.

It is up to citizens to verify that what they are told is indeed true. We ourselves are responsible for gathering news feeds and how interpreting it.

It is important that we always check that what comes to our ears is accurate and not a regulated deception.

We must be aware that the closer we will get to the end times, the more this world will become distorted and ruined. As the time of the end approaches, the opponents of God will behave more violently and do their utmost to draw the world to themselves. Those who are believers will then have to stand strong and be prepared for the unseen ferocious times that are bound to come.

The posts that will appear here on this site aim to paint a picture of what is really going on. An attempt will be made to debunk the false reports and uncover the truth.


I wish you much reading pleasure and otherwise an inquisitive mind.


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